Onean by Aquila Boards:

Onean by Aquila Surf has been designing electric wakeboards since the beginning of 2013 and has led the marketplace in helping to make the sport affordable to the masses. Already they have helped prices to drop to right at $8k plus freight (which can get pricey since this ships from Spain) but right after Brexit shocked the price of the Euro in late 2016 they dropped to below $6,000 for the first time ever so we are hoping they’ll drop again soon as more interest mounts. They have three models (the Carver Twin, designed for anyone under 230 pounds with decent balance featuring quick speeds and smooth carves, the Carver X which is the same board with double battery packs designed for people over 230 lbs, and the Manta, built for stability and buoyancy for those preferring a slower but more relaxing adventure requiring less balance. All boards are now available here at with an approx. one month lead time. In my experience as a 170 lb guy, the Carver will last a good hour on one battery at full speeds and charging from empty takes about three hours so its nice to have two batteries for a day at the lake. Because you’ll want to share with family and friends and take breaks in between, two batteries last us the entire day! (A 2nd battery will set you back about $2500 shipped.) 

Based in the Basque Country in Spain, Onean is perfectly located in an area with a broad industrial experience and right next door to the sea and the surfing capital of Europe. They are involved in each step of the production process from the electronics to mechanical and industrial design of the propulsion unit. We are looking forward to good things to come from this company!


Radinn Boards:

Next is Radinn Boards located in Sweden. Radinn's vision started with a dream. As a kid Phillip Werner always searched for a home near the water and wished he could ride a wakeboard independent of a boat. That goal led him to develop his company and along with it their first product; the Wakejet Cruise. "We've worked for almost three years on developing the Wakejet. Endless engineering, drawings, tests, – bashing through numerous engines, batteries, jets and boards – the team has now managed to create a complete system ready for production. I started alone as a side-project when studying at Lund University. Along the way I've been lucky enough to meet the exact right people, with the same passion for the product and the competencies needed to bring it to life. It's an amazing feeling to now see this product ready for the market"

If we have learned anything about the Swede's dedication to quality, this brand will leave nothing to envy. It looks like they have designed the Wakejet Cruise in an exhangeable module format. That means in theory you will be able to upgrade the internal electronics down the road as batteries improve or if repairs are needed rather than switching out the entire board. It also carries an SD card with data tracking issues or potential upgrades on deck. The specs show this board can remain buoyant for riders up to 285 lbs and has a top speed of 32 mph with up to a half an hour of ride time before a 2 hour quickcharge is needed.

They currently have four models with two different battery pack options to offer a little bit more speed at each price point. The Tarifa or Phantom (all black model) Carve option might be the best by with the upgraded pro power pack to give you a little more speed and make your purchase worth it. You were looking around $15,000 for this board package plus extra for shipping. Again, we would probably recommend picking up a second battery pack if you can budget it… sadly they run an additional $7k more each. You can email their dedicated US inbox at or visit them at

Check out these chill vids below with hip swede lyrics to get a closeup view of Radinn's boards in action:




Finally a distributor based right here in the USA and we are so glad to see it! While these first boards weren’t fully electric like the Aquila or Radinn, new for 2021, Jetsurf has finally released an all electric model that starts at $15000 plus $3k more for a second battery. One of the premier advantages to Jetsurf of New York City is that they are sponsoring test runs throughout the USA with ambassadors for a small fee. What better opportunity to check of some of these boards in action? If your state has good lakes, you can usually find a test run session near by that will cost you $200 for a 30-45 minute run. Most ambassadors only have had powered versions but they should ride the same according the company (ne electric speeds cap at about 30 mph) To schedule one of these eastern test run sessions or to see where future sessions are planned send them an email at or call them at 212-951-1171. While we strongly recommend an electric board (cleaner, quieter, less maintenance, and you can take it to more lakes), they are about $5k me than their gas powered counterparts.

Jetsurf shows that these models are available to ship within one to two months. Check out the "carvability" and the potential air off you can catch on these boards in their promo videos below!